Midnight Sun - where the nature plays a central role

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Follow us behind the scenes during a photo shoot in the very North of Sweden.

We are so happy to introduce the cushion collection of Mila∞Miro which we have named Midnight Sun.

Going back to the roots of its founder Emelie Enback Karatarakis, we trace her half part from the North of Sweden.

Whilst the winters up in the north are long, dark, cold and overfilled with snow - the summers are on the opposite so bright, lively and colourful.

Midnight Sun, a natural phenomenon above the Arctic Circle, results in all night long sunshine with its color explosions around midnight.

The collection consisting in uniquely designed cushion covers are a reflection of Midnight Sun’s different color and pattern formations on the sky and the breathtaking nature.

June 1, 2016
The propeller plane departs from Arlanda Airport with a quick stop en route to the North of Sweden. A total flight time of 2,5 hours.

Descending at Lapland Airport we witness an endless forest; a part of the world where civilisation is more rare than common.

Having left the airport, we have an hour’s drive prior to reaching our final destination - a small village called Nilivaara with 160 inhabitants. The drive offers both elks and reindeers running in front and besides our car with newborn calves.

Arriving in Nilivaara, we make ourselves comfortable. Recharging our batteries by breathing crispy clean air and smelling the fresh essence of pine and moss.

Awaiting the perfect night for the photoshoot of Midnight Sun collection… 

June 3, 2016
It is 11 pm, we are in the SUV driving uphill. Outdoor temperature feels like around freezing point with strong winds. Despite the rough weather conditions, the sun seems almost reachable and burning hot. 

We place the silk and velvet cushions in different positions on the hill, make them become part of the environment. They certainly shine beautifully in the sunset light. 

Through the camera lens we do not only catch great pictures of the cushions but also catch an unforgettable midnight. 

Thoughts go to our late grandfather, buried on June 2, and the views of the territories he knew by heart, every tree and every stone.

In memory of Knut Enback <3 1931–2016
A grandfather with a strong love to Lapland's nature, as strong as the strongest stone in the forest.


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