Mila∞Miro by Emelie

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This is the story behind the brand Mila∞Miro

Mila∞Miro was founded in Sweden on Valentine's Day 2016 by Emelie Enback Karatarakis. Its first collection was launched in June 2016.

Since the beginning, the brand has grown in popularity and size, and can today be accessed worldwide through the online marketplace The company behind Mila∞Miro is EMENKA AB with office in Stockholm, London and Dubai.

The brand is run by its founder, assisted by graphic designer and photographer Karin Bylund.

Mila∞Miro represents one annual collection. The first collection was called Midnight Sun, released in the summer months of the year when there is hardly no darkness north of the Arctic Circle, namely June-August. It reflects the color explosions which this amazing phenomenon plays on the nature!

With a range of hundreds variations of home accessories, cushions and other textile items, not to mention a stock of over 8000 rugs - Mila∞Miro has something for everyone and for every room in the home. The designs are truly unique; a cheerful mix of patterns and colors. Every item is handmade and carries a story.

Wanderlust, Creativity and Positive Energy are the keywords.

Full collection of Mila∞Miro can be found on with worldwide shipping!

– Infinite home spirit 
Mila∞Miro by Emelie


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